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September & May Offers

Studios Alexandra is offering a package of 10 days holiday in September & May, in very low prices.

All you have to do is call us, or email us at for more information!!!

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Paralia Vrasna


Only 100 meters away from Studios Alexandra, is the well-organized sandy beach of Paralia Vrasna which is awarded with the E.U.'s "Blue Flag" award, that is ideal for sea ski and windsurfing.


The free sun beds, the easy access to sea, even to people with special needs (SEN), using the free special equipment for swimming, lifeguard coverage and sports like beach volley, along with countless taverns, beach bars - clubs and local tourist shops, offer excellent choices to the guests.


The sunrise in Strymonikos Bay is one of the main attractions. The colors of the sea horizon are breathtaking, creating beautiful images.


Speaking of attractions, an unspoiled natural paradise that harmonizes tradition and modern life is waiting for you to explore. Only 4 km north of Studios Alexandra is located the old village Vrasna with mansions and stone traditional architecture homes, with unique hiking paths, horse ridding paths and cycling paths. Don't forget to taste the unique local cuisine and delicious wine and to learn about the local tradition.


The lovers of ancient history, can visit the castle of Rendina, in Makedonika Tempe and the ancient city of Stagira, the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, where you can admire the view to the uninhabited island called Kapros.


The unique combination of Makedonika Tempe, Richios River and the valey of lake Volvi (that offers spa and bird-watching facilities) on one hand, and the routes in mountain Kerdyllia, to the byzantine monastery of Saint George and its panoramic view to Strymonikos Bay on the other, enchant every visitor.


To enjoy a visit to all these sites, there are plenty "rent a car" or/and "rent a bike - botorbike" services and a farm with horses, called "Ippokosmos" ( where you can rent a horse. Choose way of transport and be amazed by the beauty of nature and the history of the region.


Finaly, lets not forget the cities of Thessaloniki, Kavala and Serres and the Museum of Amphipolis, which are only 30 - 45 minutes away from Studios Alexandra and Paralia Vrasna.



Transportation Information

For transportation information please contact Mr. Krasimir Brankov and his site


MHTE Αριθμός: Α) 0933Κ112Κ0654800 Β) 0933Κ123Κ0395100

Enjoy your vacations!!!