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September & May Offers

Studios Alexandra is offering a package of 10 days holiday in September & May, in very low prices.

All you have to do is call us, or email us at for more information!!!

Viva Payments

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Horse Riding


A few minutes away from Studios Alexandra , is the farm Ippokosmos which will offer a different ... approach to your summer holidays. 


We therefore propose you to experience close up the magical world of horses


Beginners and experienced riders can choose one of the 17 horses in the farm and experience a ride with these proud animals. 


More information about Farm Ippokosmos can be found by visiting the website:

Transportation Information

For transportation information please contact Mr. Krasimir Brankov and his site


MHTE Αριθμός: Α) 0933Κ112Κ0654800 Β) 0933Κ123Κ0395100

Enjoy your vacations!!!