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September & May Offers

Studios Alexandra is offering a package of 10 days holiday in September & May, in very low prices.

All you have to do is call us, or email us at for more information!!!

Viva Payments

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We, the owners of Studios Alexandra, warmly welcome all guests to our friendly atmosphere and of course our well known Greek traditional hospitality, for more than 20 years.


Studios Alexandra have been built to cover your family holiday needs by offering modern and convenient comforts that will make you feel right at home.


The attentive services , combined with the outstanding location of Studios Alexandra in the tourist resort of Paralia Vrasna, ensure privacy along with an easy access to the beach and the center of the village. The nearby "quaint" villages with the rich natural, cultural and archaeological heritage of the region, make Studios Alexandra the ideal destination for a remarkable, carefree vacation.


The rooms of Studios Alexandra are well designed, sunny but cool, spacious and functional as well as overlooking the sea and the magnificent large garden that's breathtaking due to the colours and sweet scents of the flowers and trees.


Studios Alexandra are surrounded by large common spaces where its guests can be entertained by watching T.V., chatting with other guests, playing board games or surfing in the internet. Two grills are also waiting for you to barbecue and just enjoy yourselves out in nature.


For our younger guests we have created a safe, fenced-in, playground for their amusement, at all times.


Finally, there is always a 24/7 presence in our facilities with staff members that speak two languages (Greek-

English) who are ready to attend  your  needs at all times.


Studios Alexandra, a tourist paradise, are waiting for you!!!



Transportation Information

For transportation information please contact Mr. Krasimir Brankov and his site


MHTE Αριθμός: Α) 0933Κ112Κ0654800 Β) 0933Κ123Κ0395100

Enjoy your vacations!!!